Saturday, May 2, 2009

May day! May day!

In honor of the fact that I'm too tired to come up with anything better, I shall proceed to dazzle you with some random thoughts:

  • Today was the first of May. It was also the first day of the month I call "The Month When It Probably Won't Snow Anymore".
  • The Canucks beat the Blackhawks last night in Vancouver. The Wings beat the Ducks in Detroit tonight. Are Captain Dumbass and Captain Dick on a collision course for the Western Conference finals?
  • I haven't had any exercise this week - I think it's been two weeks since I've been to martial arts training. I tried to kill myself last Saturday during a 10-hour move. I've been working funky hours, not sleeping enough. I haven't exactly taken good care of myself. What I need is a good workout.
  • For some reason, I've had this Paul Simon song running through my mind today:
    I was reading a magazine
    and thinking of a rock and roll song
    The year was 1954 and I hadn't been playing that long
    When a man came on the radio
    And this is what he said
    He said, "I hate to break it to his fans
    But Johnny Ace is dead"
    --The Late Great Johnny Ace
  • If the Tigers can keep getting decent pitching (the last couple nights have been spotty), they will do well this season. Miguel Cabrera's 3-run homer just pulled the Tigres within a run of Cleveland in the bottom of the eighth.
  • If I don't stay up too late tonight, I bet I could finish two good posts tomorrow.
  • If I win the Mega Millions drawing tonight, I still plan to go to work on Monday. For at least part of the day.
  • I wonder if I could post every day for an entire year? [To which his readers replied: If you keep posting this weak sh*t, who cares?]
  • The Maypole is a phallic symbol, isn't it?
  • I hope you have a good weekend, wherever you are.

Take care.


historymike said...

Speaking of PS, I always though Paul Simon should have rhymed the word "scenery" with "magazinery" in the song "America":

Original: So I looked at the scenery, she read her magazine...My change: So I looked at the scenery, she read her magazinery...I would have allowed him this moment in poetic license had he so chosen to write the song in this fashion. Of course, perhaps that is why Paul Simon is a Grammy-winning, gazillion-selling artist, and I am a Midwestern, middle-aged, upper-middlebrow, mono-brow geek.

historymike said...

"thought," that should read.

ChurchPunkMom said...

We will have a good weekend!

Full of sunshine.. Finally!!... freaking rain

Middle Aged Woman said...

Hoping for a good weekend here, too, CPMom. The Maypole is pretty phallic, what with the knobby end and all. Though I've never seen an actual phallus wrapped in ribbons. That's making me think of the Scotsman who woke up and looked under his kilt to find a blue ribbon tied around his boy-o. "I dinna know where ye been, laddie, but ye won first prize!"

Is my comment as long as HistoryMike's yet?

historymike said...

I thought "longer" did not equal "better," but perhaps that only applies to jail sentences.

Jim Styro said...

Ya know, I didn't start this blog to provide a forum for my wife to trade double entendres with old friends from high school! Let's try to keep this thing under control, shall we?

Mikey: Although I am going to side with Paul Simon's lyrical choices in America, I do want you to know that I have always considered you as having two separate and distinct eyebrows. The rest of your verbal self-portrait is (I'm afraid) indisputable.

CPM: Don't get too worked up about the precipitation. You want those May flowers, don't you? I thought April showers were the prerequisite. As Mr. & Mrs. McCartney wrote: "A seed is waiting in the earth / For rain to come and give him birth"

MAW: You've never seen a ribbon-wrapped c-...? I can help you out with that, you know.

Mikey: I don't know about jail time - but I do suspect that the whole "size doesn't matter" thing is just a lie women tell men - and then giggle amongst themselves when we start to look all happy and relieved at the news.

Jeanne said...

Thanks for coming to visit! So many of us bloggers are wanna-be writers, I'm thinking about making my standing Friday post the 100-word exercise. (Definitely a case where the comments are better than the post.)