Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flash fiction: Runaway

My name is Jim - and I'm a flash-fiction-aholic.

Ever since the Middle-Aged Woman turned me on to the Fiction Friday challenges by Jeanne at The Raisin Chronicles, I'm seriously jonesing each week for a new opportunity to craft a mini-story.

This week's challenge was/is: to write a piece of "flash fiction" - a short story of 100 words or less that begins with the phrase -
"It was not what it seemed."
If you're interested in joining the fun, click on the link above to see all the rules and regulations.

My offering is shown below. Hope you find it worth your time.

It was not what it seemed. It felt to him like a bad dream.

His elation that she had been found evaporated during a 20-minute cab ride. Each block more desolate than the last; whatever flicker of hope remained as he sat waiting in the small, dirty bar was extinguished when she entered.

“Oh shit,” the girl said, glassy eyes rolling, pupils enlarged.

“Please.” She knew what he wanted. “Please…”

A man that age shouldn’t beg.

“Why did you come here? It’s over!”

He heard the snickering. Sugar daddy lost his sweets.

“Dad – I’m not coming home with you.”
(100 words including title)

In addition to being fun, writing these bite-sized stories is good practice for improving precision and brevity. And I have at least one post each week I can feel good about.

What's not to like?

Take care.


Middle Aged Woman said...

I love talking about these with you. It's fun for me to see your process, and try to help.

The Stiletto Mom said...

I wish I could keep my words to 100. In almost one year of blogging, I think it's happened twice! Would be fun to try though and I do enjoy reading yours!

Jim Styro said...

MAW: Oooh...honey - not in front of all these people. (Let's find some place quiet and you can help me out...)

S&M: It's not easy for me either. This story started out about twice as long. Thanks for the kind words.

Captain Dumbass said...

How do you keep count of your words?

Oh, and I liked it.

Jim Styro said...

Cap'n: In general - or for the flash fiction?

For the fiction, I compose in Word 2007 and the count is displayed at the bottom of the document window. In Word 2003, you have to open a separate window to see the count (under Tools / Word Count). If you use a different word processor, check the Help to see if there is a similar utility.

In general, I don't count - but I try to keep my mouth shut (it helps keep me out of trouble).

That's for the encouraging words.

Sprite's Keeper said...

You know how to hook a reader!

Jim Styro said...

SK: I consider that a high compliment, comihg from you. Thanks.