Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From a BlackBerry

I'm still in New York - and the hotel charges for Internet access. And I'm cheap - even with the company's money. So this is the type of post you get from a BlackBerry. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Coming Attractions;

Captain Dumbass & Jim Styro taunt the Blackhawks.

He Read / She Read: on The World According To Garp

Flash Fiction - final edition

Don't miss it.

Take care.


Jess said...

WHAT? There are places that charge for internet access?!? Burger King has free wi-fi for the love of high speed! WTF? Oh well, have fun in New York!

historymike said...

Agreed. When I am out of town I always surf for stray wireless signals on which to piggyback. What was interesting the last time I was in DC was that the hotel charged something like $10 for six hours of Internet, while simultaneously I could choose from a half-dozen nearby signals.

But we wait with bated breath for the next installment.

Jim Styro said...

Jess & Mikey: The Apple store on Madison Ave. near Central Park (I've been told it's the largest Apple store in the world) seemed to be a tremendous source of free access - but I didn't want to stand around writing a post there.
The truth is: by the time we finished dinner (around 9 pm), I had been on the go for 17 hours - and was still 3 hours away from sleep. I just didn't have it in me. Not sure I'm in much better shape tonight - although my Internet access is much improved.

Captain Dumbass said...

Blackhawks suck! And I've never read Garp.

Jim Styro said...

Yeah! We will make them wish they had never learned to lace their skates!!

But no Garp never, dude?
We gotta do something about that...