Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back home again

Back in Detroit tonight after my whirlwind overnighter in NYC. The first day of the trip is always long - 'cause we take the 6 am flight into LaGuardia (which means getting up by 4 AM) and we don't normally leave the office until 7 pm (or later). Yesterday was no exception.

By the time we walked to dinner and back, it was 10:30 pm. The Middle-Aged Woman was a life-saver, keeping me posted on developments in the Wings - Blackhawks game - since apparently there is no location in Manhattan where you can watch a playoff hockey game that doesn't involve a New York team!! Leonard Cohen was right. First, we take Manhattan - then we broadcast the damn hockey game.

Anyway, I got the Wings pounding the Hawks pretty good for my ole buddy, Captain Dumbass (who I am hoping will confirm or deny whether my blog is set to allow emails back on comments - I think mine is 'cause he has emailed me before). My current prediction is that the Wings will take the series in five games (Chicago is bound to win one of the next two games at home). My next "prediction" won't really be a prediction anymore - it would have to be a postdiction, I guess. Hopefully, I won't need to make any revisionist postdictions in this series. GO WINGS!

Snoplum suggested I consult with the Cap'n regarding my current plans for He Read / She Read, to determine whether:

a) I'm violating his copyright
b) I'm pissing off a fellow blogger by blatantly ripping off the whole male/female blog idea, or
c) You're looking for any guest material for your He Blogs / She Blogs enterprise and interested in whatever Sprite's Keeper and I churn out.

This is all very embryonic in it's newness - but I'm kinda excited about rereading Garp and blathering on about it for all the world (or, at least, we happy few*).

Last but not least: Amazon has shipped the prize from last weekend's contest to Sprite's Keeper - so we will soon be hatching an evil plot (OK, maybe only slightly diabolical; would you believe devastatingly clever?) to take over the Blogging World with the whole He Read / She Read concept. Once we've both read the book. And stuff.

I think I just need a couple of days back at home - and I'll be able to think and write clearly again. Maybe.

Take care.

* Henry V - Act 4, Scene 3


Captain Dumbass said...

"...Shall hold their manhoods cheap," much like the Blackhawks.

As for copyrights and pissing off? Hell no. I think it's a great idea. Not like Petra and Heinous didn't steal it themselves. And I'm sure we'll be "borrowing" from you as well. I'm looking forward to reading those posts.

Jim Styro said...

Well, now we just gotta write 'em. Hopefully Jen got the book today and we can read so's that we can write.

Blackhawks? "I fart in their general direction!" Are you sensing a Stanley Cup Finals rematch? I'm feelin' it.