Friday, April 3, 2009

The origin of Captain Dick

My first job out of college was working with the Internal Revenue Service. I worked at the IRS for thirteen and a half years - and formed friendships that are among the closest I have (or ever expect to have). Amongst these relationships is my bond with the members of my old IRS bowling team, the Spinners.

Most of the original team is shown in the photo above ("when we were younger and the people around here wanted to make us Senators"): Chico and me (Hacker)* at the left, Bear on the right, and Sledge third from the right. (For complete information on this photo, refer to the audio portion of our program.)

Of course, every team needs a Captain - and for many years, Bear served as Captain of the Spinners. But one year, growing tired of having to attend tedious league meetings where little was accomplished, Bear and the other senior Spinners (I'm about 15 years younger than the rest of my teammates) decided to stick me with the job. This was a decision I'm sure the Bear soon came to regret.

Cut to some Thursday night in the dog days of a 35-week bowling season. The Spinners were (as usual) struggling mightily to stay out of last place. As the junior member of the team, I was often guilty of lapses in protocol involving equipment maintenance, score keeping and general bowling etiquette. After one such lapse, one of the other Spinners chanced to remark:

"Nice going, D*ckhead!"

To which I responded without an instant's hesitation:
"That's Captain D*ckhead!"

And a new name was born.

At our annual golf outing, a trophy is awarded to the golfer who has the worst score (adjusted for handicap). For many years now, that trophy has borne the inscription: Capt. D.H. Wyatt Award

'Cause that's how we roll.

Take care.

*I've always said: you just can't have too many names


Anonymous said...

What a ragtag looking group...

Hey, I have that Bad Boys shirt, too!

Middle Aged Woman said...

You didn't mention that you were the proud recipient of that award, too, honey!

Jim Styro said...

Chickadee: I couldn't agree more. We have a lot of good qualities - but being photogenic isn't one of them. Thanks for reading.

MAW: Why bother? Nearly everyone in that photo is a recipient of that award; some have received the award more than once - myself included.