Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Steve Jobs is going to be p*ssed

The Wells Fargo Wagon rolled into town today with my brand-new digital voice recorder.

It's an Impecca MP-1845 Digital Media Player. And to commemorate this passing of an era, I submit for your consideration the photo at right showing my original PC microphone which I have been using to record my posts.* (I think that bad boy came with my very first PC - a Gateway G6-200 with a 200MHz Pentium Pro processor)

Notice the cool windscreen that I selected for the mic. So sleek, so aerodynamic! And - that's right - it doubles as ammo for one of The Boy's foam rocket launchers! Haven't you always wanted to dictate into a foam rocket...ladies?

And - what's this?! - is that an iPod being lovingly encircled by the (quaint) cord of the PC mic? (Come on - nobody uses a wired microphone anymore! Where's the Brittany Spears wireless headset?)

No way - that's an ...

Impecca MP-1845 Digital Media Player

[I'm crapping you negative.]

Clearly, the Chinese manufacturers of this device are not intimidated by the litigeous nature of US corporations. Otherwise, they might have done something to make it look less like an iPod. In any case, it is a 4GB digital media player that will play songs, store photos, function as a 4 GB USB hard drive, tune in FM radio, and make voice recordings - all for $29.99!

And now - for the true test - I will record the audio for this blog post and see how The Blue Beast performs...

[What for you is a few brief seconds will take me a few nail-biting minutes.]

OK, I'll admit it - I'm underwhelmed. But it beats the alternatives (lugging a laptop around, hours spent troubleshooting the hum on my PC sound card). Anyway, we'll try this for a while, see how it goes.

I don't know - maybe I'm still in the market for a...digital voice recorder.

Take care.

* all but two, I think; one from my BlackBerry and one done over the phone (today).


Middle Aged Woman said...

Everything sounds dirtier when you follow it with...ladies.

We will now sing hymn 136...ladies.

Jim Styro said...

I've heard that. Of course, the phrase "Haven't you always wanted to dictate into a foam rocket?" is pretty suspicious all on its own.