Saturday, April 18, 2009

Not too late

You might remember that my plan this week was: keep the to-do list short and over-achieve. Unfortunately, on my three-item list, only the equivalent of one and a half items have been done - and nothing has been completed 100%. So much for the joy of keeping expectations low.

But there's still time. I hope to receive news yet tonight (it's after 11 PM Eastern as I type this; I expect it'll be midnight before I record it) that some of the loose ends from last night's kick-off of the Florida office move are complete. And if I can stay awake, I should be able to make some significant in-roads on balancing the checking account tonight, then finish tomorrow. [I did get the bill paying out of the way earlier in the week.]

Tomorrow, the plan will be to:
  1. Get an early start on tomorrow's post
  2. Attend martial arts training in the morning
  3. Have lunch with the Wing Chun Do crowd
  4. Finish balancing the checking account
  5. Get downtown for the Wings playoff game at 6 PM

I expect tomorrow will be busy, yet satisfying. If all goes well, I will finish the week with my to-do list complete, the Wings up by two games in their playoff series, and be ready for some serious napping on Sunday.

I will also be doing some serious praying for Baby Elliott and the Daytons. That little guy needs to get well and get home soon. 'Cause Jim Styro said so.

Take care.


Middle Aged Woman said...

I don't wish to rain on your parade, but I don't think there's going to be much time between "Lunch with the Wing Chun Do crowd" and "Leave for the Wings Playoff game." There's the drive, the parking, the PM ride (to save my back) and the Will Call to deal with.

How can I help, honey?

Captain Dumbass said...

You've got 5, everything else you accomplish is gravy.

Canucks are up two!

Jim Styro said...

MAW: Just be there. That's enough.

Captain: Well said. Play this thing right - and we'll see your boys in the Conference finals. Go Canucks! Go Wings!!