Friday, April 17, 2009

In defense of neanderthals

You may have heard this story on NPR Wednesday or maybe you saw it elsewhere on the Web (I picked this link 'cause I love the CBC - and I am trying to ingratiate myself with Capt. Dumbass* so as to bask in his reflected glory). It's a bit like a joke you might hear in a bar - "Did you hear the one about the guys who thought they could pass a law forcing their wives to put out on a regular basis?" According to the reports I have read, the law says that, in a Shiite Muslim household, the husband can demand sex with his wife every four days unless she is ill or would be harmed by intercourse.

I mean have you ever heard anything more ridiculous! Laughable really...I mean, that is like - well, OK, it's actually not quite twice a week. But still... "demanding sex" in this day and age? It seems so - unromantic. [I guess that would equate to seven times a month - maximum...] Look, how can you even think about quantifying something that is so...that should be built on mutual love, respect and desire - not some sort of unilateral demand by... [Every four days? Unless she's sick.]**

Look, let's not have a rush to judgement on this thing. Muslim (men) are people too, you know. I'm just saying: maybe we should hear these guys out is all.

[Maybe there would be a formula allowing for decreased frequency based on years of marriage.]

Sorry - must of dozed off there for a minute: As I was saying, we should burn these backward-thinking religious zealots at the stake. Or something.

Take care - of the one(s) you love.

PS: If you just need general information on getting married in Afghanistan (while you'e there on vacation or something), check this out.
* Thanks to the MAW for policing my Netiquette. Snoplum's the best.
** During this long pause, you may feel things begin to spin out of control.

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Middle Aged Woman said...

"Maybe there would be a formula allowing for decreased frequency based on years of marriage."

For example, increase the interval by one day for every three years of marriage...hmm...24 years...see you in a couple weeks, honey.

Jim Styro said...

Oh, so you're picking up the pace in reaponse to this post then? I thought you'd see my veiled threat.