Monday, April 6, 2009

How the mighty have fallen behind

Saturday morning, I was riding high. My post for Sunday was nearly complete and I was planning to get a day ahead on my composition before the weekend was out. But since then, I've spent too much time watching basketball, looking at big-screen TVs, doing my Mom's tax return and remoting my PC at the office - and no time writing.

So this is the sort of post you get from a man who has fallen behind - part excuse, part to-do list. Here's what the week ahead looks like for me:
  • Board meeting at the Youth Theater Monday night. I'm an amatuer actor pretending to be a Board president - or I'm a Board president pretending to be an actor. (I'm getting sleepy, so it's a little confusing.) Need to make sure the meeting doesn't run too long so I can get home to watch the NCAA basketball championship game. Go Spartans!
  • Martial arts training Tuesday night (if I don't work to late). I'm trying hard to train twice a week.
  • Wednesday: Martial arts training (if I miss on Tuesday). Otherwise, I'm planning to relax a bit - watch a movie and/or read - and write a post or two.
  • Thursday night - Communion service at church. Meeting the Spinners afterward for some male-bonding.
  • Friday: Half-day at work (may take the whole day off if I can). Singing with the Gospel Choir at Good Friday service in the evening. Hope to get in some extended time writing blog posts and/or relaxing.
  • Saturday: Martial arts training in the morning. Lunch with the kung fu crowd. Choir practice at 2 PM. Video editing with Sibok Roc in the later afternoon.
  • Sunday: Easter!

I'm planning to purchase a digital voice recorder* and/or big-screen TV to celebrate. The purchases are in no way related, so don't hurt yourself trying to find a common thread.

Anyway, it promises to be a busy week (as usual). Wish me luck. Here's hoping that this week, we can all get done the things that really need to get done - and not get overly excited about items of little consequence.

Take care.

*Experimented with recording today's post on my BlackBerry with a piece of software called VR+. Based on the results, I will need to purchase the digital voice recorder sooner rather than later.


Jim Styro said...

The completion of many of these activities will depend on your willingness/ability to leave work by 6 p.m., no? I will be happy to call and prompt you in that direction.


Jess said...

I am very excited about your potential purchase of a big screen TV...the rest just wears me out just thinking about...

Chris said...

I'm impressed by your busy schedule and your organizational skills. I adore Mary (Claire) and enjoyed your guest post on her blog. Great to see "speaking in CAPS"!

Anonymous said...

A digital voice recorder? John has been trying to leave little notepads for me since I leave little one sentence post ideas all over the place. Now I leave one sentence post ideas in several notebooks all over the place. Get the tv. That's a lot harder to cart around.

Jim Styro said...

MAW (masquerading as me): I know I talk to myself every now and again - but I never thought I'd start commenting to myself. Honey, anytime you want to call me is good.

Jess: You and me both.

Chris: Does "impressed" mean the same as "shocked and appalled"? Clearly my organizational skills surpass my good judgement. [When I stand back and actually look at my own schedule - and it's like this regularly - it's really a "What was I thinking" moment. But I must think it's the right thing to do, 'cause I keep right on doing it.] Thanks for the kind words.

SK: Did you hear that, Snoplum? Two more people think I should get the TV. [That's not really fair. MAW has no objections to the whole TV thing.] Actually, I'm not planning to use the voice recorder for composing - just to get an audio version of the finished post. I'm getting a nasty hum trying to record directly to my desktop. Recording on MAW's laptop sounds a lot better - but involves a three step file transfer/conversion process before I can finish editing and upload of the final MP3 version. Maybe I'll get...both!