Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good advice from an unexpected source

I have been congested since April 7* - which in and of itself is not news, since I am often congested. One might even say, "most of the time". But I haven't been feeling that poorly - except for the morning of the 7th; yet my energy level has been down. I feel as though my body has been fighting germ warfare - and just barely holding its own.

So this morning, I got up and did some work on the computer (blog writing and some more checking account data entry), had a cup of hot chocolate and some toast, went to the bedroom to change into my martial arts uniform - and crawled back into bed.

As you may already be aware (or have guessed), this was not part of my original plan for today. But clearly I needed the additional sleep. And, despite a grumbling somewhere deep within that I am a wimp, I know I did the right thing - because it is what I would have recommended to another person who told me they were in a similar postion (fighting illness for almost two weeks and not getting enough sleep).

So, if its the right thing for somebody else to do - I should take my own d*mn advice. The other thing I would recommend to a person in my position would be: see a doctor - you're probably not going to get over (whatever it is you need to get over) without some medication that will not be available over-the-counter. You'll be glad to know my appointment is on Monday morning.

Let's recap: On today's five-item to-do list, I completed items 1, 3 and 5; made good progress on item #4; and am giving myself extra credit for taking care of myself rather than trying to be a Hard Guy. So it was nearly a complete triumph.

Not to mention:

  • The Wings shut out the Blue Jackets, 4 -0, this evening to take a 2-0 lead in the series.
  • I agreed to MC the kid's concert at church tomorrow afternoon (I don't mind doing things on the spur of the moment - but it's had to understand how whoever was planning that event could let that little detail go until the day before concert.)
  • Baby Elliott was feeling good enough to smile (which sets a good example for all of us)**

Take care.

*Those of you who listen to my posts may have noticed that my voice has suffered over the past week or so.
**"Hey - I've got nothing to do today but smile!"


Middle Aged Woman said...

I often get good advice from you, so I don't know why it's so unexpected. Perhaps I don't tell you enough.

That video was a little piece of genius. Love Everything But the Girl.

Pamela said...

Thanks for mentioning Elliott. It looks like we'll be sent home sometime today. Hooray!

Also, when I'm really congested and feeling like sinus infection/cold-ish, I take an herb called Pau d'Arco. It's antibacterial/antiviral, and I've had really good success with it.

Jim Styro said...

MAW: Thanks for the positive reinforcement. I guess the unexpected part was: me listening to my own advice. Glad you liked the EBTG, Snoplum.

Pamela: Hope Elliott's discharge proceeded according to plan. I will have to give the Pau d'Arco a try.