Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Work is not a four-letter word

(Oh, you know what I mean...)

It can be distressing to dwell on the fact that, if you are a person with a relatively demanding, full-time job, you probably spend more of your waking hours with co-workers than your family and friends. Well, it is to me anyway.

Don't get me wrong. I generally like my job. And I work with a good group of people - generally. I feel that I am well compensated, so I can't complain (but sometimes I still do). Still - nobody says - "OK, honey, see you later. I'm heading to play." There's a reason they call it "work".

And the past few days have been a reminder why they call it that.

Even at times like these, there are plenty of things about my job that I like. I like to solve problems - and there is plenty of opportunity for that. I like to help people - and every once in a while, I feel I have done so. I like being "the boss" (most of the time) - because I feel I can have a positive influence on my teammates and exert some control in my work life. (Or as my good friend, Chico, has said: "I like to accumulate power - and then not use it.")

Despite the fact that I work hard, sometimes put in long hours and can have a crazy work schedule, I am not a workaholic - and I don't tend to "bring my work home". I'm good at compartmentalizing* the different facets of my life - and I try very hard to keep work in its compartment. At times it has been a source of consternation, I think, to the Middle-Aged Woman. She sometimes feels the need to vent about her job - and she doesn't seem quite sure why I don't feel the same way. I'm not much of a complainer, myself. (If this sounds like the MAW is a complainer, that's not really true.) I've heard complaining can help some people feel better. It does not make me feel better.

I would like to say that I love my job - but I don't. I spend little or no time thinking about retirement - that is so far away, it would be like slow torture. Besides, I have too much to do at work. I don't have any "Take this job and shove it" fantasies. If I were to leave my job, I would want to give the people I work with now every chance to succeed after I leave - not leave a gaping hole behind.

But if I had the means, I would leave my current job and try something else. Probably writing. Maybe go to seminary. I would act in more plays. I might buy a guitar and learn how to play one properly.

One thing is certain: I wouldn't be bored.

Take care.

*I looked it up to be sure it was a word. I've been using it in conversation for a long time - but seeing it written down, I had to double check.


Middle Aged Woman said...

I think the venting is more of a 'woman' thing.

Pamela said...

I think MAW is right. When I vent, The Mister drifts away on a river of wife-speak, and then I have to do all sorts of things to regain his attention. Consequently, I try to save the venting for times when I really need to vent, and don't just do it recreationally any more.

Middle Aged Woman said...

I have something special for you! Like a pedophile with candy, eh? Come see my blog.

Jim Styro said...

Ladies: I trust you not to steer me wrong on the whole "women venting" thing. I will have to see what use I can make of this information.

MAW: Well, I started to get all excited - first, you said you had "something special"; then you mentioned pedophilia (so now I'm imagining you with a lollipop); and then you mention visiting your blog.
So that whole thing didn't quite go where I'd hoped.