Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Random Tuesday Thoughts

Pretty Random, Dr. Smith

  • It is sometimes disturbing to me to dwell on the large portions of my brain's capacity that appear to be devoted to dialogue from old TV shows or song lyrics. I can only hope that, since science has established that we do not use most of our brain's awesome power, I am not actually depriving room to anything important.

  • My only regret is that nowhere in the clip does the hot, green chick actually say the immortal words, "Pretty, handsome, Dr. Smith."

  • As an aging male who has been married for a long time, I think I've come to grips pretty well with the decrease of sexual activity in my life.* It's easier to be happy (or, at least, not unhappy) when you can accept reality. I used to keep track of how often I had sex in my Franklin Planner - as I recall the Middle-Aged Woman (not yet MA at the time) was appalled. Anyway, I pulled out some old Franklin storage binder to look up some information completely unrelated to sex - and was confronted by the hard statistics of the past.** It was really depressing.
  • I have gotten to a point where I can't force myself to stay up until 2 AM composing and recording my posts. I suspect that the previous consistency in timing of my posts will suffer over the next several days a result.

  • Maybe I should have retitled this whole thing "Don't Get It Up Anymore"?

  • Will they prescribe Viagra or Cialis to guys who don't have problems with erectile dysfunction? What if I just want a 4-hour erection?

Take care.

* I wish I could say the "come to grips" thing was intentional. Sometimes I'm convinced my best stuff is normally unintentional.
** See what I mean?


Middle Aged Woman said...

See what I mean? Anyway, I either need to put out more or get rid of your old planner pages.

Jim Styro said...

See what you mean about what?
Regardless: how often you "put out" is your business - mess with my planner and things are gonna get ugly around here.

historymike said...

I too am well past the point where I keep track - even mentally - of the frequency with which the missus and I get jiggy. Part of this is a greater appreciation of quality over quantity, but part must also be that I have learned that even the most prolific sex life could only take up five percent of a healthy adult's available time (based on 16 sessions of whoopie a week at 30 minutes apiece divided by 168 hours).

For most people, sex is probably about one to two percent of total waking time (including self-gratification), though one study suggest that the average adult spends eight percent of their time thinking about sex, at least in passing. That number steadily dropped from a peak of 20 percent for 18-22 year old males to a mere one percent for those over 60.

Anyways, there are only so many variations to sexual activity, and it is not surprising that human libido tends to wane over time. After all, could you imagine how entertaining a sport like the NHL would be if we could watch a championship game as much as two or three times a day? After a week or two we would be sick of the game and be ready to watch anything - even the ESPN World Series of Poker - just to get away from the oversaturated activity.

This, of course, is assuming monogamy on the part of the couple. The benefits of a monogamous relationship IMHO far outweigh any fleeting ego boost from sexual promiscuity, not to mention that a monogamous couple has no worries about STDs or psychotic ex-lovers.

Jim Styro said...

Mikey: Whaaaa?
I'm sorry - I think all the blood has run to my...extremities.

Captain Dumbass said...

If it wasn't for all that random garbage though, how would we to our male friends? My brother and I can have entire conversations based on dialogue from Die Hard.