Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good / God:
Jim Styro's Meaning of Life, Part Twelve

Ten years ago today...

I've been using a Franklin Planner since 1991, so certain parts of my life are extremely well-documented. On the page for June 17, 1999, under the heading "Jim Styro's Philosophy, Part I"* is found this entry (modified only slightly for this world premiere):

One person is not inherently better than another.
A person can only better him/herself by desiring to -
and doing - good.
A person cannot credibly declare their own goodness.
It must be demonstrated - and/or established through the testimony of others.

The big lie is not that God exists.
It is that we can become perfect without God through technology - through our own power, ingenuity or insight.
We reject the idea of perfection through goodness because it is
so simple to understand and so hard to achieve.

Hey - that's not bad...for a youngster

PS: Saw the following on a poster at Garden City Hospital near my house -

Perfection is our goal
Excellence will be tolerated
It has stuck with me ever since. That's the sort of attitude I want when life and death may be on the line.

Take care.

* My delusions of grandeur are not a recent development...


Middle Aged Woman said...

Good thing I'm not shooting for perfection.

Jim Styro said...

If you say so.

The Stiletto Mom said...

I so wish I had my Franklin planners from back then. Though I have to admit, mine would have not been nearly as deep....

This is what I hate about outlook though, every time I change jobs, I lose all my records and thoughts.

Jim Styro said...

S&M: Have you ever saved any of your Outlook mail, address books, etc. into a PST file (Outlook personal folder file)? This would allow you to move the data to another computer (or just retain it for long-term storage). If you are unfamiliar, drop me an email and I can provide further info / assistance.

I've never thrown any of my planner pages away because
a) I'm a packrat,
b) Every now and again I'll flip through the pages and relive the past,
c) I'm a packrat,
[My invisible d) point] and
e) I'm a p-

Oh, you get the idea.

Today's post reminded me of a great poster I saw once in a hospital. I should have included it - so I revised the original post to work it in.