Friday, June 26, 2009

The Spinner Invitational

In 1988, four guys working for the Internal Revenue Service in Detroit took the day off work and drove 100 miles to play golf in Bay City, Michigan.* They didn't realize it at the time - but they had inaugurated a tradition that would still be going strong over 20 years later.

This morning, 19 brave men (and one supremely brave woman) will venture to Bay City again - hoping to find golfing glory at the Bay Valley Resort. I was going to tell you all about it - but it's after 2 AM and I need my beauty rest. So here's a picture of last year's crew - scan those faces and try to figure out who won last year.

I'll just have to say this - and save the rest for later:

The Spinner Invitational isn't about golf - it's about camaraderie.

So, no matter how I shoot, I plan to enjoy the day. I will also be attempting to make real-time Twitter updates during the tournament (just follow jimstyro).

And I'll try to keep the next post from being so lame.

Take care.

* Right next to Saginaw, MI - a city immortalized in Paul Simon's classic America
("It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw / I've gone to look for America")


Captain Dumbass said...

Dear Styro,

I used to golf fanatically before I had kids, now I couldn't even tell you where my clubs are. Will I ever golf again?


Bogeyed in BC

Jim Styro said...

Dear Bogeyed:

You will golf again - but never with the fanaticism of your misspent youth. Dads can't golf fanatically because they don't have enough money or time - and they have to watch their language on the course. Since their sons are often golfing with them.

BTW - all of this is predicated on you finding your clubs. I recommend that this be done quickly, before any remaining clues as to their location fade completely from memory.

Capt. D.H.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Hope you're enjoying it!

Jim Styro said...

SK: I did indeed. Of course, after three straight days of golf, I did have some sore muscles. And since I exercise with some regularity, I can only assume these muscles are used only for golfing.

The Stiletto Mom said...

Oh how fun! Hope you had a great time, I love traditions like that. Enjoy the rest of your vacation, we certainly enjoyed ours in Napa!!

Jim Styro said...

S&M: I did have a great time. And now my Dad's in town for a couple days of golf as well.

I'm glad to know your week in Napa went well. I will be checking the Blogosphere for details, girlie.

LiteralDan said...

Hey, it's not lame-- I wish I had a tradition like that to look forward to each year.

Happy Birthday!

Jim Styro said...

LD: Don't get me wrong, dude. I only felt my post was lacking. (But hopefully I made up for that deficiency today.)

What we need is an annual He-Man, Blog-Lovers Golf Festival...and I'm just the fella to turn this fantastic idea into to an even more mind-blowing reality.