Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Plan

My vacation starts tomorrow. It will last about two weeks, cover several hundred miles and be broken into two major components.

Part 1: June 26 - June 29

Hanging at Wiser Times in Greenbush, Michigan. Our very good friends, Chico and Chickadee have a place on Lake Huron. We will spend a long weekend, hanging out, golfing and enjoying each others company. There will be anywhere from 2 - 4 couples and perhaps even children involved. But not mine.

Part 2: July 2 - July 10

Hanging with Leslie & Larry in Petoskey, Michigan. This is on the Lake Michigan side, up near the top of "The Mitten" (the Lower Peninsula of Michigan). It will be an extended version of the previous weekend's activities - but just the four of us. And we'll take in the annual Fourth of July parade in Harbor Springs (just across the Little Traverse Bay from Petoskey).

For our visually-inclined readers, I've included this detailed map of our planned travels. Part 1 will take us from the green dot to the blue dot to the purple dot and back. (At one point, we had planned to stay "up north" for the entire two weeks - but Snoplum likes to sleep in her own bed - so we're coming back home for a couple days. That way, we can maximize the number of hours in the car.) Part 2 will take us from the green dot to the red dot and back.
It's gonna be great.

But before all that comes the event that some men wait all year for. A competition of such historic proportions, grown men grow faint at the prospect.

FRIDAY: The 22nd Annual Spinner Invitational

Get the inside scoop tomorrow morning - right here.

Take care.


Middle Aged Woman said...

It will also allow Snoplum to complete another week of physical therapy, hmm?

Jim Styro said...

True. It will also "allow" me to attend one or more play rehearsals next week. Of course, neither of those elements was in play at the time of planning.

And I fixed the map.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea that you're just going to "hang" during your vacation. Sounds totally relaxing. Have a great time, watch out for the apƩratifs!

Jess said...

Ohhh the visual is fantastic!! Have fun on vaca!! I love vacations...sigh...

sunshine said...

Enjoy your vacation and your golfing time!

TennLady said...

Nothing like the Michigan shore in summer. There is a Bernard Kruszka in Greenbush - saw his mailbox once. Freaked us out!

Jim Styro said...

Dear Readers:

The first leg of vacation is nearly complete and everything is proceeding according to plan. We are having a fine time and will be back in Redford later today. So blog activity will resume - with a full report...and pictures on the t 2009 Spinners Invitational and the Greenbush Golf Weekend.

Thanks for all your comments - and sorry for the delinquent response.