Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Apologia pro Blogo suo*

[The management would like to apologize for the lack of new content on this blog of late. Our head writer had a busy weekend until about 3:30 pm Sunday (that's when I got home he got home from church), at which point, he turned into a vegetable.

Unable to motivate him with either inspiration or guilt, we have been forced to fill this space with information that normally would have normally been included as replies to recent comments but which, given the current state of affairs here, is the only content available. ]

Faithful readers (or I guess, more recently, watchers - since there has been anything new to read in a few days):

Thanks to all of you who made comments concerning last week's Spin Cycle and Flash Fiction victory post. I have been spending a good deal of time over the past few days trying to catch up on my "World According to Garp" reading so as not to let Sprite's Keeper leave me in the dust. I am most grateful that she has been enjoying the book - I have as well during my rereading.

I also promised the Middle-Aged Woman that I would reading Christopher Moore's Lamb - and I have been making fairly steady progress there as well. And I (gasp) watched a couple movies (A Place In The Sun, Manhattan) and an episode of Dr. Who with Ms. Partly Cloudy and the MAW. All this reading and watching has left me little time for creating. And I'm trying to accept that.

Anyway, thanks for all the kind words about Homeland Insecurity - I'm really glad I wasn't the only person that found it amusing. (There's nothing sadder that being the only one who gets your jokes.) The next time I see my son awake (it could be awhile), I will pass along the congrats on his graduation.

I really wasn't sure how to feel about the whole "I love you too, sir" thing (while MAW mentioned in her comment). Snoplum thinks The Boy was trying to make a joke - and I guess she's right. We're not normally very formal around here - so I can't remember him ever calling me "sir" on purpose. I'm not saying it hasn't happened - but if it did, I don't remember it. The phrase "I love you, sir" just seems like an oxymoron (unless delivered by Honey Huan in Doonesbury).

Well, I hope that gives you all some insights into happenings in the Land of Styro. I really will get around to explaining the concept of Music Night and Listening Room soon. I think many of you will find it interesting (and the rest will be reading to find out if I mention them by name).

I accepted a small part in a play to try and save the Artistic Director at our Youth Theater from a nervous breakdown. More on that in the coming days.

Only two more things to cover:

1. Mikey - Disneyland is great.

2. Did somebody say there's a hockey game on tomorrow night?

Take care.

* For an explanation of the title, click here

The Stanley Cup Finals - Detroit vs. Pittsburgh

The Wings beat the Penguins Saturday night by a score of 5-0.
Detroit leads Pittsburgh 3 - 2 in the best of seven series.


Middle Aged Woman said...

Don't apologize, honey. Even though I was sadly disappointed every time I checked your blog for new stuff yesterday.

Also, I'd like to point out that you didn't completely veg out on Sunday.

Jim Styro said...

Are you referring to the plant that is not a plant: the man-root?