Monday, June 22, 2009

All About My Father's Day

I had a great Father's Day this year!

The day actually began on the way home from Music Night - the Middle-Aged Woman and I didn't get home until about 1 AM. Once home, I finished writing my Father's Day post about/to my Dad. Then I went to bed for a while.

Before leaving for church this morning, I remoted to my Dad's computer (I use the tool available at and left him an initial Father's Day greeting (which directed him to check out my blog post). I went to church alone (as usual), got my car washed afterward and headed home. At home, I recorded the audio accompaniment to Sunday's post.

[From the Editor: I must disgress for a moment here to ask some questions concerning THE AUDIO PORTION OF OUR PROGRAM - Does anybody listen to the posts? Or all you all just reading them? If you do like to listen to the posts, do you listen as you read - or primarily do only one or the other?

Did anyone not realize that I provide spoken versions of most posts? [The tool from that loads at the top of the page allows you to click on the MP3 filenames to listen.] Now that you know, do you think that you'll bother to listen?

I beg you - please let me know whether you find the audio posts cool or useless. They are enough work that - I need to know whether people feel they add something to the site - so I can summon the energy to keep making them available. And now, we return you to your regularly scheduled rant...]

At this point, it was around 2 PM and, having skipped breakfast, I was getting hungry. Snoplum had recently gotten out of the shower and asked if I could wait for her to finish getting beautiful (which she already was completely - but I told her I'd wait anyway). She chose that moment to present me with a few Father's Day gifts:

Thomas Keneally's Searching for Schindler (a memoir from 2007), the 20th Anniversary DVD of Terry Gilliam's The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (this and The Fisher King are my favorite Gilliam films), and the 20th Anniversary DVD of The Times of Harvey Milk (which won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature in 1984; Gus Van Sant's latest film, Milk, with Sean Penn owes a great debt to this earlier documentary film). Did I mention that my wife has extremely good taste (and knows how to easily access my Wish List at Amazon).

She also gave me a wonderful Father's Day kiss - at which point I may have mentioned that I had a little something for her as well. This part of the day is a little fuzzy for me now; I must have blacked out due to lack of blood flow to the brain. Anyway, one thing lead to another, and the next thing I remember, I was getting dressed so we could get some lunch. The MAW and I had a fine meal at Panera and I called my Dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day when we returned home.

The kids got home later in the afternoon (The Girl, from work; The Boy, from visiting a friend) and presented me with a great card and some additional loot (golf balls and tees - which will come in handy beginning next week). We all went to dinner together and then saw the latest Pixar film, Up (which is very much worth seeing). We even picked up some donuts on the way home as a Father's Day dessert. It had been a while since we had spent that much time all together - and enjoyed each other's company with no bits of bickering or human drama.

It was really nice. I'll take another day just like that one anytime.

Take care.


Middle Aged Woman said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the day as much as I did. And as much as I enjoyed my Mother's Day!

Ellie Belen said...

Sounds like a great Father's Day.

No, on the audio, reading is the thing I do. Doesn't even occur to me to listen. So I did on this post. You should be doing voice overs for documentaries or something! Yes, another possible career for you.

I read while I listened. Waited to see if your inflection changed when you got to the "fuzzy part" aka "wink, wink say no more." But no, you were professional all the way.

Jim Styro said...

MAW: I guess it's one of those win/win situations you hear so much about (but don't necessarily experience that often).

Ellie: Thanks for being the only person on earth (who reads my blog) that has provided feedback on the audio question. I used to do voice overs (when I was still in college and soon afterward) - but I never actively pursued the work. I find it fun to record the posts - but hard to keep up with the pace of recording every day.

For those of you keeping score at home:


bernthis said...

I didn't know they came on audio but honestly, I'm a reader more than a listener. What a great day you had. REminds me of my mother's day this year

Jim Styro said...

J.B.: Moms and Dads deserve at least one special day a year. Glad to hear you had a great Mother's Day last month. And thanks for providing your feedback regarding the audio posts.

For those of you still keeping score at home: