Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Random Bucket

- Why is it that donuts are never referred to as "Nature's Perfect Food"?

- Last week (it seems like last year) I started a post with a song lyric from R.E.M. that may have left people wondering about me. I would like to state, for the record, that I do love Jesus - and that is not "a hollow claim".

- If I hit it big in the Mega Millions drawing tonight I'm committed to paying off Captain Dumbass' mortgage. You can check out Us and Them for more information - and to see the carnage left behind by the hostile takeover attempt staged by the Middle-Aged Woman and Ms. Partly Cloudy there today. Would you believe it if I told you that I am not related to these women in any way at all?

- Trying to do a blog entry while you're eating lunch at work kinda s*cks.

- I want to write a blog post about being misunderstood. But last night I had to write up four important emails (i.e. not just forwarding some joke to everybody I knew) and do a script rewrite for a video I'm supposed to shoot Sunday afternoon. And then it was 2 AM.

- Can you say "over committed"? I thought you could.

- But I had a nice time in Petoskey this weekend. And I plan on having a nice time in Greenbush over Labor Day weekend.

- Especially if the Mega Millions thing comes through.

- Did somebody mention donuts?

- Lunch time is over. But randomness? Who can say?

Take care.


Middle Aged Woman said...

You're shooting a video on Sunday?

I think the question may be "Can YOU say over-committed?"

Captain Dumbass said...

Do you guys have Tim Horton's in Detroit? I know there are some in the North East. I'm not the biggest donut fan because I used to make them professionally, but I could really use and extra large double double right now.

Pamela said...

Who knows about donuts in wherever-it-is-you-are, but we have a TimmyHo's here in my town.

Jim Styro said...

MAW: I can not only SAY it - I can DO it!
Have done, am doing - you pick the verb.
I thinking of having my middle name changed...

Cap'n: We do have Tim Horton's here - north of the Great White North.
[Keep in mind: I live north of the nearest border crossing with Canada.] I'm reminded of Nancy White's classic Jesus at Tim's...

Pamela: And a good thing too.
Whenever I hear the sound "Ho", I think of the immortal line from Robert Townsend's hilarious Hollywood Shuffle: "Ho's gotta eat, too."
To be consistent, I think I need another open-ended thought - so that I can end with an ellipsis and keep everyone wondering what...