Thursday, August 27, 2009

I didn't think the day could s*ck any worse...

But I was wrong.

I got about 4 hours of sleep Tuesday night (I'd like to blame a late Tigers game on the west coast) which is really n-n-n-no-no-no..........body's fault but mine*. And Wednesday morning at work was fairly uneventful. But, at lunch time, one of our offices lost power - and all the systems in that office went down for a couple hours. And just at the point where they were going to shut that office down for the day, the power came back on (that's good, right?). But it only stayed up long enough for us to get most of the computers up and working again. And then the power went out again. So they sent everyone there home anyway.

When power was restored again, the utility company wouldn't commit to having uninterrupted power for our building until 6 pm. So we fretted over whether or not to bring systems back up - and once the computers in that office were functioning normally, we started to get calls from another office that they couldn't open, edit or save documents properly on their computers. So we tried to figure out what was causing that problem - but over two hours later - when the problem magically disappeared - we still hadn't figured it out.

Eventually, I went home. And had some dinner.
And made someone angry.
And made someone cry.

So now I'm really tired - but pretty upset (you know that state where you feel that you are somehow vibrating?) - and there are several extra people in the house who will probably be here until about 1 am.

I'm just hoping that tomorrow won't s*ck any worse. But I could be-

I can't bring myself to say it.

Take care.

* Thank you, Mr. Plant
(you can skip to 5:15 in the clip - if you prefer cutting to the chase)


Ellie Belen said...

When the pressure has been on all day, it's hard not to let off a little steam. Hope today is a better one.

Pamela said...

hope all is getting back to normal at le maison styro.

lisleman said...

reminds me of when my grandson gave me some preschooler advice.
"that's no big deal"

different view

the bad days make the good ones even better.

Jim Styro said...

Ellie: I had a great time hitting stuff at the Academy this evening. Best part of my day.

Pamela: Thanks for the kind words. But "normal"? Nothing could be farther from the truth.

l-man: I seem to remember someone saying "it's all small stuff". But I know I left some big stuff somewhere...where the heck did I put that stuff?

Captain Dumbass said...

Tomorrow's Friday, just keep your head down.