Monday, July 13, 2009

We're Back

The Middle-Aged Woman and I arrived home from Petoskey, MI on Friday night after a wonderful week there with Leslie and Larry - celebrating Independence Day, golfing, eating, talking, shopping. Mostly relaxing. MAW took the pictures - so check her blog for the visuals.

Today, I return to work and the normal routine, well-rested and ready-to-go. As soon as I'm done typing, I'm going to get in some exercise time to start the work week right. But first, a few random updates from the weekend.

- It was great to get back to martial arts class on Saturday morning. It felt good just to sweat (profusely), to see good friends I had missed, and have a leisurely lunch afterward.

- The opening performance of the Macbeth farce at the Motor City Youth Theater Saturday night was nerve-racking (for me - because I had missed the last week of rehearsal) but turned out well. Two good friends came for the show and were able to hang out afterward and visit with the MAW and me. It was nice.

- The weather was so nice Sunday, I asked The Boy if he wanted to go golfing. Although we golfed at the Twilight rate (which allows you to play as many holes as you want while the sun still shines), he wanted to stop after 11 holes. A surprise - but I don't think he was having fun (despite parring the last hole).

- Watched Vicky Christina Barcelona last night. It has its moments - but the whole thing doesn't really go anywhere, does it?

I plan to return to regular posting now that vacation time is over. Hope I've got something interesting to say.

Take care.


Captain Dumbass said...

When I run out of interesting things I always fall back on pictures of grilled cheese.

Pamela said...

Or he just talks about grilled cheese. Either way, I think it's great.

And if you ever find the need to sweat profusely and are in WNY, please know the invitation to mow my lawn stands.

Middle Aged Woman said...

I think Ms. Dayton is hitting on my husband. "Mow my lawn?" Is that code?

Jim Styro said...

Cap'n: Is the grilled cheese supposed to represent something? Or is the cigar just a cigar?

Pamela: Is there, like, a grilled cheese CLUB? With membership cards and a secret oath? Perhaps you and the Cap'n have children who share a preference for the same favorite meal.

MAW: I'd like to think that someone was hitting on me - but I don't think it was Pam. Sometimes a lawn is just a lawn.