Thursday, July 2, 2009

Personal best

My vacation started last Friday, June 26. In the six days since then, I have played a round of golf all but one day (Monday - my birthday - when we drove home from Greenbush to Redford). And on four of the five days I played, we shot a full 18 holes. So I've played 81 holes in the last week. I've never played golf five out of six days. I may never do it again. But it certainly raises the bar for future golf planning.

Tomorrow, we drive to Petoskey to spend the week with our good friends, Leslie and Larry, at their condo. Although I expect to do lots of different things over the next week, my one critical duty will be to provide suitable films to watch for periods of inclement weather or days when a quiet evening at the condo is desired. I always take way more video that could possibly be watched. It's my way of keeping options open.

Here's what will go in the movie bag:

Gran Torino - Clint Eastwood's latest, filmed (in part) around Metro Detroit where I abide. Of the four of us, only Larry has already seen it.

Ken Burns' documentaries, The Civil War & The War (WWII) - Leslie had been reading a novel set during the Civil War and desired additional background. Nobody's better at making history interesting than Burns.

Frost Nixon - Nominated for Best Picture last year with great performances from Frank Langella and Michael Sheen. I believe I'm the only one who's already seen it.

Swimming to Cambodia - Leslie and Larry weren't familiar with the late Spalding Gray (who the MAW and I love) - and their children are currently traveling in Thailand and...Cambodia.

Lonesome Dove - Larry mentioned he hadn't seen it. Most likely, too long to undertake - but you never know.

The Dark Knight - L&L haven't seen it. And they count on me for a good comic book movie now and again.

State and Main - A good comedy is always important to have ready. And I'm the only one who's seen this one.

Burn After Reading, Thank You For Smoking, Lars and The Real Girl - Three more comedies, because I'm the King of Video excess. Each of these has a different mix of funny and touching - with the Coens Brothers leaning more cerebral (as always) and Lars being on the opposite end of the spectrum.

The Times Of Harvey Milk - Because I haven't purchased Gus Van Sant's Milk yet. And that film owes a debt of gratitude to this earlier documentary.

The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen - Because I got the 20th Anniversary Edition for Father's Day (along with The Times of Harvey Milk).

A River Runs Through It - I love this movie. A great story of family.

Harvey - Perhaps my favorite move ever. A comedy - with heart.

Well, it's getting late - and I've got a big drive tomorrow. I hope to keep posting while we are out of town - but access to the Internet may be limited.
Keep a look-out for me. And I'll try my best to stay in touch.

Take care.


Middle Aged Woman said...

What a great idea for a post! Looking forward to catching up in the movie dept.

sunshine said...

I just watched "Grand Torino" a couple of weeks ago and I loved it, what an awesome film with an amazing performance by Clint Eastwood and a rich plot.

Also I think "Burn after reading" is quite fun and but not sure I'm a very big fan of "The Dark Knight" as it has way too much going on at once. "A Rivers Runs Through It" also a great film.

All of the other movies I haven't seeing yet (as our movie selection here on the island is not that good) but I would look into some of them as per your reviews.

Have fun and also Happy (belated) Birthday to you!!!

Cathy said...

Gran Torino is awesome and it's cool to say during the whole movie "I know where that is". There is a house in the movie that is supposed to be where Clint Eastwood's son lives, and I actually know the people that live there in real life. That gets my vote

Jim Styro said...

Ladies: Thanks for your comments. I am looking forward to Gran Torino and having a chance to watch movies in general. Hope everyone has a great weekend - whether you're celebrating Independence Day, Canada Day, or just a (hopefully) long weekend.