Saturday, July 25, 2009

Knight Gathering: Day One

The Trip: The Girl, The Boy and I traveled from Redford to Cadillac yesterday afternoon. I got off work early so we were able to get on the road a little after 4 PM, each of us armed and dangerous with a fully-loaded iPod. The Girl had prepared a special 18-song Steely Dan playlist for the trip. The Boy was up next with an impromptu DJ session featuring a few current faves downloaded from iTunes (Ben Folds, Eric Hutchenson, Mat Kearney) and some prime ELO cuts. I get in a few songs at the very end of the trip from Springsteen, Was (Not Was) and Nat (King) Cole. The best part is listening to the kids sing harmony parts on a song that was popular long before they were born; all three of us wailing to Mr. Blue Sky or Route 66, for example

Arrival: Mom, Uncle-R, Brother and his family, Sister-W and her family, Cousin-A and his family were all present when we arrived around 8:30 pm local time. [Sister-S is picking up Grandma for arrival this morning. Still waiting to hear from Cousins-B4 and S.]

The kids all enjoyed the pool - the adults enjoyed having the kids entertain themselves. The Girl was a big hit in our room with all my cousins' younger children gathered around her and her laptop as she found kid-appropriate content on YouTube. I got my wireless router and Roku player hooked up in the room so the kids could watch part of a movie before bed. The adults played cards.

Which is a post unto itself. So come back soon for our next installment -

Euchre as a blood sport

Don't miss it!

Take care.


sunshine said...

OMG I love euchre, I used to play it with my brothers when we were growing up. Now I have the game on my phone (palm Treo 680) but it's not quite the same... Can hardly wait for your next post.

Have a great weekend!

Middle Aged Woman said...

Glad you guys are having a good time. Hope the weather holds for you!

Jim Styro said...

Sunshine: Glad to hear that your euchre experiences have been enjoyable. Hope my post can measure up to expectations.

MAW: The weather was very cooperative with our plans - a beautiful day in the middle. Glad that you are enjoying yourself in Chicago.

The Knights all say: "Hi - where the hell are you?"

Sara said...

I'm jealous. People have never heard of euchre down here.