Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eternally Random

- Why does the afternoon weather guy on our local news radio station refer to himself as a "meaty urologist"?

- My wife, The Middle-Aged Woman , quit her job recently. Being bound by a rather strict NDA, I can only say that I was informed of this development via email.

- I can't be too random next Tuesday because the next installment of He Read/She Read is planned to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world that day. Or, perhaps I should say, the world would have been unsuspecting - until just now. Actually, most of the world is STILL unsuspecting, so I hope that you will do everything in your power to make people suspicious.

- I hardly read the comics anymore, now that home delivery of the newspaper is only available three days a week.

- I haven't watched a movie at home in weeks. It seems unthinkable - but maybe I need to cancel my Netflix subscription.

- You know how the general populace views used car salesmen? That's how anyone managing a computer network spanning multiple states (like me, for example) views telecommunications vendors.

- I'm planning to be in The Odd Couple at Motor City Youth Theater*. Auditions are scheduled for Sept. 21 - 22. We're mostly looking for middle-aged men who can memorize dialogue and pretend to play cards. If you are the first thing and you can do those other two things, there really isn't that much acting required.

- I'm really looking forward to when I can stay up too late writing a blog post again. Writing a lunch still s*cks.

Take care.

* Contact me if you need details. There's nothing about the auditions at the MCYT website.


Captain Dumbass said...

Better than a meaty proctologist.

Middle Aged Woman said...

Ewww. Cap'n is gwoss. Obviously it was a very short-term NDA.

Anonymous said...

Have you started up work again? When did the schools open there?
Good luck with the audition, sounds like a fun play.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Our morning weatherman thinks he's a fashionista with all the tips he offers. We don't turn on the news in the mornings anymore.
Looking forward to He Read/She Read!

Jim Styro said...

Cap'n: Yeah - I like my proctologists to be rather lean.

MAW: Why is the Cap'n gross? Or are you blaming him for what's going on in your sordid little mind?!?

I wasn't aware of the NDA being short-term.
You mean I can say whatever I want about the whole "job quitting" thing?
[This is a question to which I already know the answer...]

Dedene: I never stopped working.
Most children 'round these here parts don't return until Sept. 8. Because tourism is just as important as education. (Having just made this seemingly outrageous statement, I'm forced to consider how I feel about it.) Thanks for wishing me luck - I am expecting the play to be an enjoyable experience.

SK: We have never watched TV in the morning in my household. I don't know why. In fact, other than sports and movies - the TV is rarely used. I'm looking forward to writing (OK, finishing writing) He Read/She Read. So we both have something to look forward to.

Pamela said...

you lost me at meaty urologist. ewwy-pewwy.

Hazel said...

meaty urologist? Really? Is he TRYING to make his audience uncomfortable, stop watching his station, and thus get himself fired? I'm thinkin' so...

Thats just weird

Hazel said...

P.S. It's always ok to be hungry for Banana Bread