Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Dinner Every Night

My good friend, Paul, enlisted my assistance a few weeks ago in putting together a video for entry in the Food Network's The Next Food Network Star competition.

[Since the code from YouTube doesn't seem to be working (never had a problem before), try clicking here for the video...]

I helped him with the script and worked behind the camera. His lovely wife edited the video (great job trimming it to exactly 3 minutes!). And we all enjoyed the lamb ragu.

I'll let you all know when it's time to vote for Paul as The Next Food Network Star!

Take care.


sunshine said...

Hey Jim, looks like a very delicious recipe, unfortunately my husband doesn't like Lamb so I won't be making that any time soon.

Good luck to you friend, I think it was a very professional video and he's got my vote for when it's time.

TennLady said...

Holy Cow! Good luck to Paul! Can he come here and cook?

Jim Styro said...

Sunshine: I suspect that you can prepare the ragu with other meat - but I'm not sure what adjustments you might wish to make in seasoning. Thanks for your support - I will call on you when votes are needed.

TennLady: Thanks! I think he will do housecalls - but it's pricey. He's easy - but not cheap.