Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RTT: Lies, all lies...

  • Yesterday, I claimed that I would be posting a review of The Hurt Locker today. But that was clearly b*llsh*t - 'cause you can look as hard as you want and you won't find any review of that film here today.

  • I'm beginning to realize that, whenever I think that I'm getting caught up with all the things I need to do, it's just because I've conveniently forgotten a bunch of stuff.

  • I really did intend to write a review of The Hurt Locker for today. I don't want you to think that I planned all along to disappoint you. I had good intentions.

  • I gave blood this morning. I have O Negative blood (anyone can use it) so I'm very popular with the Red Cross (and bleeding people everywhere). I was once told that my blood is so "clean" (free from contaminants / antibodies that wouldn't be harmful to adults - but would cause problems for children) it can be given to infants.

  • I promise that I'm going to write a review of The Hurt Locker very soon - maybe even tonight.

  • I had planned to write a blog post last night - but I'm on-call this week. So I spent nearly two hours on the phone trying to help someone with remote access to our company network after they went out and purchased a new laptop with Windows 7 that wasn't being cooperative.

  • Did I mention that I have really good veins? For giving blood, I mean. All the Red Cross workers compliment me on my veins.

  • Look - I'm sorry about The Hurt Locker review thing, alright?! Give me a break!

  • The MAW told me last night she has a job interview of Friday (this was quite unexpected). I'm probably not supposed to mention anything about it here - because she may be writing about all that on her blog soon. But I guess it's too late 'cause I already mentioned it.

  • I don't have a job interview this week.

  • But I am planning to write a review of The Hurt Locker. In case that is of interest to you.

Take care.

PS: Go visit Keely at the Un-Mom willya?!

Please? Come on - do it for me. Do it for Keely!


Middle Aged Woman said...

I hooked your post up with Amy, because Keely is on sabbatical or some such. And obviously you haven't read MY post or you'd know that I also wrote about the job interview.

TennLady said...

So your blood is clean and you have nice veins. MAW never told us that was part of her criteria for choosing you.

andrea lynne said...

you should get your review of the hurt locker up. because i want to read it before i eventually get to see it. thanks :-)

ps - my veins suck.

Jim Styro said...

MAW: You're hooking me up with another woman? Is this more of that "Sister Wife" stuff? Can you provide me a photograph? Do you have a blog? Were you in the play?

TL: The MAW's criteria have always been unclear to me.

Andrea: I will do my best.

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