Monday, March 1, 2010

In like a lamb...

Well, winter is about half over where I live. Oh sure - we're having a unexpectedly nice day today.

[Please note the high temp in the 5-day forecast (in the upper right corner) vs. the current actual temperature.]

I'm going to enjoy the day - but I'm not getting my hopes up. March 31st is very likely to feature our biggest snowstorm of the year.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY: Today is my Grandmother's 99th Birthday!

I would say more - but I need to call her now and wish her a Happy Birthday.

Tomorrow: We return to "The Plan" and Jim Styro's mini-review of The Hurt Locker...and much, much more.

Take care.


Ellie Belen said...

I was wishing the other day, that I could be rich enough to dial the thermostat to 72 (instead of 63) so that I could walk around barefoot around the house.

I'm also sick of the layers and layers of clothing one must keep on at all hours just to feel normal. COME ON SPRING!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA WYATT! I'm guessing she's a Wyatt.

lisleman said...

so does Grandma get to enjoy the nice weather too?

Happy birthday.

Jim Styro said...

Ellie: Wouldn't it be even better to be rich enough to live somewhere where the temperature was 72 and you could walk around barefoot on the beach (in March)? Or at least take a winter-long vacation to that place?

Thanks for your birthday wishes for Grandma, by the way. She's my mother's Mom; went from being Grandma Knight to Grandma Furman - that's what happens when you outlive two husbands.

lisleman: Yes, indeed. But it's Michigan, so that will change (one way or another) very soon.