Friday, November 6, 2009

"Stop everything - I think I hear the President..."*

I am not very politically-minded. I normally vote Democratic. I'm not conservative - because I don't have anything to conserve. I'm not very liberal either really. I'm like a Bill Clinton fiscal conservative/social liberal Democrat crossed with a pre-Palin John McCain Republican. (I don't even know enough about politics to be sure that last statement is even ACCURATE. And all this is far more background information that is necessary for this post.)

Anyway, after Fort Hood yesterday and the Orlando engineer "going postal" today, I think the President needs to get on the tube and try to talk this country off the ledge. I know my idea is a little over the top - but clearly some of us, maybe a lot of us, need a time-out; and the President may just be smart and articulate enough to pull it off.

After eight years of a guy who could barely read the teleprompter telling us the enemies were all "out there" or "over there", we've been reminded again what bullsh*t that all is/was. It was so easy to forget about Oklahoma City or Columbine after the World Trade Center. But we have once again met our worst enemy - "and he is us" as Walt Kelly so aptly put it.

I know it's risky business asking the Commander-in-Chief to become the Psychiatrist-in-Chief or the Preacher-in-Chief. But, after all - who's your Daddy? And clearly some us need Daddy to chill us out, big time. I personally would also suggest prayer, and lots of it. But maybe you're not into that. Then go give somebody a hug or something.

If you can't be happy yourself (and God knows it is plenty difficult sometimes) then at least have the decency not to spread your unhappiness around with bullets. Why can't these gun-toting idiots be seized with the desire to commit suicide instead of teenagers who got dumped by a girl/boyfriend or just had a bad day and can't see beyond it?

C'mon, Mr. President - talk to me.

Take care.

*Apolgies to Joe Jackson


Dackmont said...

Excellent post. My comment became so long that it seemed better to make it a post, so, here ye be.

Jim Styro said...

Jaom: You say my post was excellent. But, based on your post, you didn't seem to ahare my sentiments. Perhaps mine was both excellent...and wrong.

Dackmont said...

An excellent post isn't necessarily one with which I totally agree, but one that gets me thinking about an issue more deeply. Yours did, because it was so obviously coming from "the right place" -- discussing a serious problem, and hoping that that our country can heal. I felt compelled to add nuance to that overall healing picture.

Can't you see that, you stupid mother-scratcher? Hey, Mr. "Speaking in Caps", maybe I should come pop a "CAP" in your stupid ass! Are you LISTENING? We are vain and we are blind. I hate people when they're not polite!